What is Terra Firma?

An apparel company. More specifically; a grassroots motorsports apparel company specializing in rally related designs and threads.

What's the deal with shipping to Canada eh?

We love our Canadian friends and customers, but unfortunately shipping can be pricey.  Send us an email and we'll get you a quote!  It's usually an extra $10-$15. Maybe we'll throw in something extra for you!

I just ordered some stuff, when will I get it?

We try to ship out orders the next day but sometimes we can't. Expect your shirt, hat or whatever you ordered to arrive within 4-6 business days. If we are delayed for some reason, such as being at a rally, we'll let you know it's delayed. If you haven't received anything and you're getting worried contact us here or on twitter.

I messed something up with my order. What do I do?

Take a couple deep breaths, it's gonna be fine.
Let us know here or on twitter and we'll work to get you what you really meant to order. See, no problem.

What is the best sounding rally car?

Everyone knows it's the Audi Sport Quattro of yesteryear

I own/work at a shop/store can I sell your shirts there?

We'd love to get in some retail locations so we can probably work something out! Contact us here.

Will you sponsor me or my team?

Maybe. Why should we?

Who is Terra Firma?

We're a 2, sometimes 3, man team scattered across the US. Specifically Eric Iverson @eric_ivy, Bill Biwer @billbiwer and AJ Anderson@definitely_aj. We love rally. Questions? Hit us up anytime on twitter.

Can I return or exchange something I bought?

Absolutely. As long as the product shows no signs of wear or damage we'd be more than happy to issue an exchange or refund.

More questions?

Feel free to contact us here. We'll get back to you as soon as we can.